Five percent of our profits will be donated each year to the UK's oldest national military charity, the SSAFA

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About Us

we are Energy Broking specialists working with commercial property occupiers, owners and property managers procuring energy at the right price

The Consultancy was launched in early 2015 by Ex-forces Members to procure energy at competitive rates thereby helping reduce operating costs for our Clients and, as we grow we will increase our staff with ex members of the armed forces.

Our team members have up to 35 years’ experience in managing portfolios of shopping centres, office blocks, business parks, supermarkets and hotels in the UK and The Nordics. We are experienced in directing energy reduction campaigns with occupiers, property managers and Landlords.

Five per cent of our profits will be donated each year to the UK’s oldest national military charity.
We encourage you to learn more about the SSAFA.

Energy accounts for up to 30% of a business’s annual operating budget

How we reduce your costs

With energy accounting for up to 30% of a business’s annual operating budget, it is prudent to review energy costs to anticipate and counteract the effects of frequent energy price increases. Ex Forces Energy review various suppliers’ current costs by going to the market to secure better prices to include kWh rates and standing charges etc.

We have significant experience in property management, energy brokering and directing energy reduction campaigns. We want to share our experience and knowledge with our clients by procuring energy at the right price and, later, to advise how to use energy more efficiently, more sustainably and more profitably.

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Our Services

Business Energy Procurement

The procurement tendering service saves Clients time to concentrate on their core business, whilst we get comparative price offers from a range of gas and electricity business suppliers.

Our clients benefit from our bulk purchase clout when their properties are tendered together with properties outside of their organisation.

After Sales Free Service

Other Brokers tender and walk away; we remain in partnership with you giving you the following After Sales Service for the full term of the contract.

  • Managing your supply throughout the contract term.
  • Managing issues that may arise with your supply.
  • Managing meter upgrades.
  • Client access to our online database which combines functions across all departments to perform bill validation, document libraries for bills, contracts, rates, energy usage reporting and energy budgeting tools in one secure online location.
  • Alignment of all your contracts with one supplier if required.
  • Offer to tender up to 12 months in advance of contract renewal, if the market falls.

Fixed Price Energy Plans

Fixed Price Energy Plans gives our clients certainty in ensuring precise expenditure forecasting and protects business from unwelcome energy price increases.

The low fixed rate will not change for the full term of a gas or electricity supply contract; in most cases this would be 1, 2 or 3 years.

Energy consumption must remain within the agreed parameters, or energy suppliers may penalise. We can guide you on your most likely future energy requirements free of further charge.

Flexible Energy Contracts

Flexible Energy Contracts gives our clients flexibility to purchase energy at a lower price when the market falls and so spreading energy procurement decisions throughout the contract term.

When long-term gas and electricity prices are inflated, we work closely with our clients to devise a flexible energy procurement strategy based on purchasing in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-month instalments.

This flexible energy procurement strategy can reduce your exposure to the risks associated with long-term energy contracts, particularly when long-term prices peak artificially.

Basket Energy Plan

Basket Energy Plan gives our Clients with lower volume energy requirements the opportunity to group-buy with our other clients.

This is a managed service delivered by the Ex Forces Energy business energy team, who trade the total basket requirement on the wholesale market on a flexible basis – which drives down energy costs for all clients.

Green Energy

Whether you are on an Ex Forces Energy Fixed or Flexible contract you can request for your electricity to be generated using a renewable source.

Choosing Green Energy certifies that your electricity has been generated from a renewable and natural energy sources, therefore reduces the impact your business has on the environment.

This won’t harm your CSR.

Ancillary Energy Management Services

  • Audit power plant
  • Energy management, policing and good housekeeping
  • Projects recommendations & investments
  • Carbon footprint survey
  • Commencing the campaign with energy committees
  • Energy audits for ESOS, CCA, CRC schemes

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A free service at the point of use

Energy broker fees

We offer a free service at the point of use because we earn commission from the energy suppliers when we help a business secure a better deal.

There is no cost for us to present our energy broker and consultancy services to you, which includes an overview of how we can help to validate your energy bills.

Depending on the mix of services you want and the suitable procurement strategy for you (ie. fixed or flexible) we will then submit a clear proposal and price.

The value we add to your energy buying and management processes is substantially higher than our fees.

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Energy Broker Letter of Authority (LOA)

First, download our sample Letter of Authority (LOA) as a Word document, this expressly states:

“For the avoidance of doubt this letter does not authorise Ex Forces Energy Limited to enter into new supply agreements on our behalf. All such agreements must be signed by a duly authorised representative of this company.”

All Letters of Authority should include a similar statement, and under no circumstances should you sign a Letter of Authority that gives your energy broker the authority to sign anything or enter into any agreements with other third parties on your behalf.

If you have been sent any agreement documents that you feel uncomfortable with please get in touch for some free advice on the legality and obligations of the agreement.

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Setting up a Contract

Setting up the service could not be easier just contact us below, sign a letter of authority and give us sight of “one invoice” or if possible invoices for one year and we’ll do the rest.

Meet our Team

We are Ex Forces Energy

Our dedicated team of ex forces personnel have the right blend of expertise, commitment and professionalism to provide impartial Energy Broking services to businesses across the UK.

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